Student Union

There is a Students' Union to which students can belong. The union has as its major aims, to profess, project and protect the interests of its members both within and outside the college compound. It has two major organs, namely the Executive Council and Students Representative Council, which is the Legislative arm.

The union has a constitution which acts as the rules and regulations guiding its operations, and interested students could get copies of the constitution from their student leaders, so long as student unionism is active on campus. Membership of the union is currently voluntary and not compulsory for every student.

It should be noted that the student's union operates within the bounds of the College law/rules and regulations and such other state and national laws as may be promulgated from time to time. The Student Affairs Office headed by the Dean of Students is the supervising office of the Students' Union.

It is advised that students who have problems relating to their welfare should not hesitate to bring up same to the Student Affairs Office, other offices/officers and even their colleagues, for possible assistance.


The college believes in producing graduands who are worthy, both in learning and character. To this extent, it encourages the virtues of civilized public living and co-existence amongst her students and staff. Such vices as stealing, affray or fighting, vulgarism, examination malpractices forgery etc., are prohibited by the college, poor conduct on the part of students could therefore attract penalties of varying degrees depending on the gravity of the established offences.
There is a Student Welfare and Disciplinary Committee, composed of staff and students who handle such cases of discipline/indiscipline of students.


The college realises that its goal here is human processing (training). To that extent, staff and students could be in constant interaction with each other, such interactions are expected to be rewarding to the parties concerned, especially in terms of teaching -learning. The committee which staff and students belong as members provide formal avenues to promote such staff-student relationship. Staff and student could inter-relate but not to the detriment of the interest of the college the parties concerned.


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